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Forum poorly again ... second attempt

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    Forum poorly again ... second attempt

    14:45 UK time, give or take ...

    As well as the continuous uploading/failing to upload pages/elements of pages/whatever ... the forum is slow to update threads, is trying to generate duplicate posts and is not updating the post count in the thread.

    I'm guessing we're on the slippery slope to database errors and system crashes.

    Regards, TMS
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    Re: Forum poorly again ... second attempt

    Since vBulletin version 5 is also 3 yeards old (and this is v 4.1.8) I thought maybe there will be one day directly at v6.

    But I've run now at this:

    We are doomed.

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    Re: Forum poorly again ... second attempt

    Same here....


    I'll lock the first one so anybody to reply in this one.
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