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Sucuri checks password in registration form

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    Sucuri checks password in registration form

    When I just tried to register my account, I could not because I was always blocked by Sucuri firewall, as described in many other threads.
    The problem was a < followed by more than 4 characters afterwards in the password. This means that the password is scanned before being processed and saved. This either means that the password is actually saved in plain text in the website's database or this is just a bad implementation and design decision. In either case this "feature" should be removed asap, because there is also no warning on the registration form that this specific combination of characters is not going to work.

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    Re: Sucuri checks password in registration form

    Hi and welcome to ExcelForum,

    Unfortunately, this is not an anomaly, but a built in feature of the Firewall to prevent roque HTML code from wreaking havoc on the website.

    HTML codes start with that character.


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    Re: Sucuri checks password in registration form

    Administrative Note:

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    With this in mind, please update your profile to something more precise (something such as UK, Europe, USA, UAE, etc. will suffice).

    Thank you for helping us to help you.

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