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Thanking members for reporting

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    Thanking members for reporting

    In many occasions members report spam and other problems so as to keep the forum nice and tidy.
    But although most of us thank members for rep or other things, we never thank the authors of a "report".
    What's more, the author of the report cannot find out easily if the report was acted upon ( and eventually what action was taken)
    Would it be difficult to implement a small message one way or another to thank people for their help in this matter ( or at least acknoledge action has been taken)?
    Of course only Mods or Admins would be able to trigger this kind of message.

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    Re: Thanking members for reporting

    I think that would be a nice idea. However, it would probably double the workload per incident.

    You often can see the results of your report in that spam threads will vanish, duplicate threads will be locked, cross-posting will be moderated and so on.

    Feels as though there are some Moderators who are no longer active so it's maybe not fair on those doing a good job.
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