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Default style Link at bottom of pages

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    Default style Link at bottom of pages

    Does anyone else have issue with this? I access the site from Android phone and attached is image where I see this link and this is only link I ever see to change the style of the pages when I'm looking at here on a phone. Sometimes when I push this link to change the style it does not change and it does not matter which page I am on. Link never works. I just ran test and I closed Chrome on my phone completely and reopened and logged back in and it worked that time. That is only test I ever ran though. I changed style because when I get normal style usually on my phone, I do not get dropped down options in threads where you can unsubscribe and I also don't see normal drop downs on the main page. That's why I always attempt to change style. Is this a problem with my phone? Thanks I attached image that shows the link I always press and this link appears on all pages. The picture is Big so I circled Link at bottom.
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