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"I need a macro that is so simple it could be written with the macro recorder...."

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    Re: "I need a macro that is so simple it could be written with the macro recorder...."

    Hi scottiex,
    Quote Originally Posted by scottiex View Post
    As to original topic, I don't think the OP needs to worry too much..Unless the asker is rude too too demanding - in which case he can do it himself.
    As to the original OP/s that prompted the Thread.. I answered him/her and many similar for I guess getting on for well over a year.
    Dumb questions are not always too bad – an OP might be at the level of not knowing what / how to ask, having no idea what / how his answer could be answered – I think we have all been there ourselves.
    As for very demanding questions.... If you’re learning / not too clued up, but wanting to help you may find more often answering the more demanding from “work” to be done, but less technically demanding. Feedback in those cases can be quite bad, but if you want to / enjoy learning and enjoy answering Excel questions then go for it.
    From a learning point it can be great. I doubt most of us could ever learn all there is in something like Excel / VBA.

    It is probably in everyone’s benefit though to try and “steer” the “bad” OPs a bit in the direction of being “better”, but it is very difficult to do that politely sometimes.. I think you really need to try that though... or they will probably come back worse ... which is bad for everyone in the long run

    EDIT P.S. Here ia another recent Thread on OPs and coutesy
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    Re: "I need a macro that is so simple it could be written with the macro recorder...."

    Yes I very much agree Alan,

    Although by demanding I mean when they start to complain that you are not answering quickly enough or otherwise start treating you like their employee. I think if you come to a website like this you have a duty to be very polite to the person who is doing you a significant favour and no right to complain if they drop you like a hot potato for being rude.

    I know I am grateful for any assistance I get on here even if it only gets me one step closer to my solution because that is still a lot better than no steps closer and it is great to know there are people out there willing to help you just for the sake of being helpful (and for the sake of a well deserved click on that add reputation star!).

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