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    Excel Forum


    1:When Excelforum was launched?
    1: Who was the first OP and first expert/or member to help the first post? and some other forum statistics.
    Who was the first admin/mod
    who was the first Expert/Guru

    Is there some archive corner for such things to discover?
    Teach me Excel VBA

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    Re: Excel Forum

    Hi ImranBhatti

    The structure as it stands now is somewhat different to how it used to be.

    The original owner - a guy called Joseph Rubin, used to author Excel help books and the like specialising in Financial Modelling etc. The joining date linked with this account is 20th May 2004.

    The user name above has only one post, dated 31st July 2008 informing the moderators that the site had been sold to the business owned by Vaibhav Kakkar (current owner). As far as I can ascertain, Joseph Rubin either posted as irubin (original board administrator who was the most prolific poster at the time) or had a relative by this name and they were in it together? irubin had a joining date of 13th August 2003.

    In the early days the forum was linked to the official Microsoft discussion boards, which meant that posts (answers and questions) made there were replicated here and vice versa, updated roughly once an hour.

    It seems that some sort of purge has taken place at some point, as the earliest post I can find on the board is 1st January 2005. There are no remaining posts by irubin.

    The structure as it is now (experts, gurus etc) was first started by the first "non-rubin" admin, Simon LLoyd, I can't remember exactly when , but probably started around early 2008-ish, but wasn't an overnight thing it grew "organically" over a couple of years into what you see today.

    I've probably missed out some bits and pieces along the way, but that's pretty much it ...

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