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was i born yesterday or is this a genuine problem

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    was i born yesterday or is this a genuine problem

    Hi Buddies,

    I know you are all great in Excel and VB. I need a macro which can copy all the excel userform details inlcuding text box and label inputs to outlook as a normal email.

    Please help. If possible please provide the code by EOD today so that I can work on Sunday and make the project ready by Monday.

    Thank in Advance. NEED YOUR URGENT HELP
    i have looked at various freelance sites and to me this is a typical example of "i can do this in 2 days for $100 please PM me" or am i being an old cynic?
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    Re: was i born yesterday or is this a genuine problem

    .... or as we used to say, before the days of pc ... "Do you think I came up the Clyde in a banana boat?" ... I'd never say that now ...

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    Re: was i born yesterday or is this a genuine problem

    I've just had an email from someone who hired & paid one of these experts. He thought the code was working, but eventually found it crshed when used with a proper dataset. The code in it is totally incomprehensible & to call it amateurish would exaggerate the author's ability!
    Hope that helps.

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