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FAQ - Commercial Services

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    FAQ - Commercial Services

    There are 3 main roles in the Commercial Services subforum.
    1. Request Originator – The user who asks the question.
    2. Request Solver – The user who solves the question.
    3. Admins – The users who ensure the smooth functioning of the subforum and resolve any issues.

    The following are some questions and answers from the view point of a Request Originator (RO) and Request Solver (RS)


    1. How do I post a question in the Commercial Services Subforum?
    To post a question, do the following –
    a. Buy points using Paypal / Credit card to be able to post a question
    In order to be able to post a question, you need to buy points by making a payment through Paypal / Credit card. You will need to purchase a minimum of 10 points by paying $10. The various options are $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, $100, $200 all valid for a period of 1 month from the date of purchase. To purchase points, go to your UserCP, on the left side under My Account, you will find “Paid Subscriptions”. Click on it. You will see your Active Subscriptions, your Subscription Point Summary and then the option to buy points under Available Subscriptions. Select the $ from the dropdown and click on Order. On the next screen, click on “Buy Now”. This will take you to the PayPal site through which you can purchase the points.

    b. Assign a budget for your question
    While posting your question in the Commercial Services subforum, you will need to specify how many points you will be giving the Request Solver who solves the question, depending on the its complexity. These points will be transferred to the Request Solver once your question has been solved and you click on the “Appreciate” button. If the Request Solver picks up the question and feels that the question has been allotted lesser points than it deserves, the Request Solver will PM you to allot/purchase more points. If there is any dispute, the admins will sort it out.
    The process of creating the thread / raising the question is the same as in the regular subforum, the only addition being the allotment of points.
    Please ensure that the thread is created in the Commercial Services subforum itself. Do not post the question in the free forum as well as in the paid forum. Duplicate threads are not allowed. If you have posted in the free forum and would like to post the thread in the paid forum, then private message a mod / admin to delete the thread in the free forum so that you can post the same in the paid forum.

    2. How do I transfer the points to the Request Solver?
    Once you have received the solution, all you need to do is click on the “Appreciate” button in one of their posts and the points that you allotted will be transferred to the Request Solver.

    3. Where can I see the points remaining in my account?
    Go to your UserCP, on the left side under My Account, you will find “Paid Subscriptions”. Click on it. You will see your Active Subscriptions, your Subscription Point Summary and then the option to buy more points if required. The Subscription Point Summary also has the Last 10 Points usage so you can see the last 10 transactions.

    4. How long will it take for my questions to be answered?
    The time for a solution to be provided will of course vary with the complexity of the request, this might be within a day or it could be weeks for a complete 'turn-key' solution. If you feel that an inordinate delay is taking place then advise Admin at

    5. What should I do to ensure my question is promptly answered?
    • attach a desensitized sample file to make it easy to see and help
    • allot points wisely. Putting 5pts onto a complex question will lead to delays
    • Respond to your threads promptly, solver's question mean nothing is being done until they are answered

    6. What should I do if my question is not answered?
    Check if the points allotted are low, if it is then increase the points for that query. To increase the points, click on Edit Post (on your 1st post), then click on Go Advanced. You should see the points textbox where you can edit the points.
    If the points allotted are adequate but the query is not resolved, then the amount will be refunded after 10 days of posting the query.

    7. How do i edit or increase the points already allotted to the thread?
    To edit or increase the points, click on Edit Post on your 1st post of the thread, click on Go Advanced, edit the points in the points textbox available.


    1. Who is eligible to answer questions in the Commercial Services Subforum?
    To answer questions in this subforum, you need to be a forum guru, moderator or admin. Only these 3 levels will be allowed to answer questions.

    2. How do I answer questions in the subforum?
    To answer questions in the subforum, you need to open the thread. You will find a “Lock” button next to the Edit Post button. Click on the button and the thread will be locked for you. If after locking the thread, you find that you are not able to work on it, you can click on the “Unlock” button. Each Request Solver can work on only a certain number of threads which will be set up in the system. This figure will be changed based on the number of requests coming through.

    3. What if I am not able to answer a question, even after clicking on the "Lock" button?
    If you are not able to answer the question, you can click on the Unlock button and it will be unlocked. Another guru/mod/admin will pick up the question then. However, please note that if you have provided even a part of the solution to the Request Originator, no points will be credited to you.

    4. What do I gain for answering questions?
    If your answer(s) solves the Request Originator’s question, the Request Originator will transfer points to your id. Once you accumulate 100 points, you can redeem the points for $, gifts or donation to a charity of your choice. The points can be redeemed in multiples of 100 subject to a minimum of 100 points. For every 100 points redeemed, you will receive $75. 25% has been retained for hosting charges and running costs for the website

    5. What if the points allotted are not sufficient?
    If the points allotted to the question are not sufficient compared to the effort involved, you can either post in the same thread stating that the points are not sufficient or you can PM the Request Originator to increase the points.

    6. How can I redeem the points?
    Once you have accumulated 100 points, you can redeem those points by clicking on the Redeem Points link. To find this link, click on your UserCP, then click on Paid Subscription under My Account. On the right hand side, you will see Redeem Points. Click on it to redeem the points.


    1. Whom do I contact incase of any clarification / dispute?
    If you have any doubts / questions, or in case of any dispute, please drop an email to Since we have 2 admins, if one admin is one of the parties in the thread concerned, the other admin will arbitrate.
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