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Thread disappears from my screen... sometimes. :(

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    Thread disappears from my screen... sometimes. :(

    Recently (both at home and at work) I have noticed threads "disappear" from my General Forum screen after posting to them. Most recently one today, http://www.excelforum.com/excel-form...html?p=3338009 and the only way I can find it is by going back under my screen name to hunt for it.
    I even went into the first 3 screens to see if it had moved.
    Most of my other ones are still on the general forum screens though I even had to do the same (go to my links) to find one I posted not that long ago because after I marked it solved it seemed to disappear from my screens.
    Any ideas? I'm sure it is something i'm doing?
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    Re: Thread disappears from my screen... sometimes. :(

    I'm sure it is something i'm doing?
    Don't be so sure, we're all frustrated upon occasion.
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    Re: Thread disappears from my screen... sometimes. :(

    No nothing on your side, Sambo Kid.

    I generally browse through all the threads and move the ones to the right subforums. I find many threads with formula solutions and vba which are showing up in Excel General. So i move them to the right subforums.

    You will be able to find the threads back by going to your subscriptions in the Settings (UserCP) page.
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