All those favourite websites with their URLs and obscure passwords, not to mention e-mail addresses in one place?

Create an HTML file with them in and save next to your browsers, make it the homepage.
My hints to Passwords and e-mails are sufficiently obscure. I have different e-mail addresses for many things (like banking and Ebay etc) plus plus a few "" kind of decoys for things that are going to fire endless junk at me. And my favourite search engine(s) are there to circumvent whatever Goggle does at me, (like hijack the URL field).
Preferably all this in a Table.

I use IE11, & FireFox to check my websites. Along with, on external HDD, Portable: Firefox (several iterations) Chrome (ditto) and Opera (ditto) and a few obscure ones that work there.
Plus a Portable Firefox on a memory stick I carry at all times.

My homepage htm file has JavaScript in to box-up the data into categories so any subset appears on one page but that is not entirely necessary.