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Using Typingaid for autocompletion & intelisense in VBE

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    Using Typingaid for autocompletion & intelisense in VBE

    Using Typingaid for autocompletion & intelisense in Visual Basic for Application Editor

    I just want to share about Typingaid, it’s a freeware .
    To help me writing vba code faster I use Typingaid as autocompletion or autoexpander tool.
    Basically here’s how it works:
    You can insert 2 types of entry in the word list file (Wordlist.txt):

    First, without keyword:

    Say, you insert some entries like this:
    Range(Cells(2, "A"), Cells(a, "B"))
    Range("A" & i & ":" & "B" & i)

    Then when you type (in VBE window) ‘ra’ , those entries will pop up like these

    Name:  ra - popup.jpg
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    Then you can use arrow keys to select it followed by Enter OR you can just hit a number.

    Second, with keyword:
    You need to separate between the keyword & the complete word using ‘|r|’
    Say, you insert entries like this:
    xlup|r|set rng = Range("A1", Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp))
    xlup|r|set rng = Range("A1:C" & Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row)
    xlup|r|n = Range("A" & Rows.count).End(xlUp).row

    Then when you type ‘xl’ , those entries will pop up like these:

    Name:  xlup.jpg
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    Problem & limitation:
    - You can’t have a multiline entry. But actually there is a work around, but I can’t figure out how to implement it. Here’s the discussion:
    - If you have Auto List Member in VBE activated then sometimes it will pop up simultaneously with Typingaid list. The Typingaid intelisense will override the Auto List Member.

    Installation & setting
    - Download here:
    You may download TypingAid v2.22.0 Precompiled Executable
    - Unzip the downloaded file
    - Run ‘TypingAid.ahk’
    - Create a text file, name it ‘WordList.txt’ & place it in the same folder as ‘TypingAid.ahk’ (i.e \TypingAid-\Source\
    - Insert some entries in the file then save.
    - In the taskbar find Typingaid icon > right click > click Setting
    - To activate Typingaid in VBE you need to set this:
    You need to type ‘Microsoft Visual Basic’ here:

    Name:  set visual basic window 1.jpg
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    - You can set after how many character you type in to show the entry list. I set it to 2.

    Name:  after n char.jpg
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    - You can set the key to trigger the autocomplete in General settings > Auto Complete Keys

    That’s it.
    Sorry for my bad English, it’s not my native language.
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