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Excel Spreadsheet to Change Oracle Database Passwords

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    Excel Spreadsheet to Change Oracle Database Passwords

    This program ignores the cautions about recording passwords. Everything is out in the open. So if you are the type that has all passwords committed to memory, this is not the program for you. For the rest of you, I suggest hiding this somewhere as the electronic equivalent to the sticky note attached the underside of your keyboard. Perhaps on a memory key that is taped to the underside of your keyboard.

    A lot of companies require that you change passwords frequently. This can be an inconvenience. In our company, there are two ways to change a password:

    1. Wait for it to expire, submit a help desk ticket and get a temporary password. Then you can use the tool that you use to create the ODBC connection to test the connection. The tool will detect that the temporary password is expiring and prompt you for a new one. As far as I know, there is no way to change the password with this tool unless the current password is expired.

    2. Use SQL to change the password prior to it expiring. This requires TOAD or at least WinSQL or some other tool. The syntax isn't all that bad, but it still needs to be typed in manually.

    The following uses Excel and VBA to accomplish the second method. To make it work make sure you reference the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects Library.

    Fill in the table in columns E & F with the database names and current passwords.

    Select the Database whose password you want to change in Cell B1. There is data validation to provide a drop-down for the database names in Column E.

    Cell B2 is filled in automatically with the current password using VLOOKUP.

    Type in the new password in cell B3.

    Type in the user name for the account in cell B4.

    Cell B6 shows the SQL script that will be executed.

    Click the Change Password Button.

    The password is changed and the new password is written to the table in Column F.
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    One spreadsheet to rule them all. One spreadsheet to find them. One spreadsheet to bring them all and at corporate, bind them.

    A picture is worth a thousand words, but a sample spreadsheet is more likely to be worked on.

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