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Simple Progress Meter

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    Simple Progress Meter

    Andy Pope has a lovely collection of progress meters at https://www.andypope.info/vba/pmeter.htm. For something a little more simple-minded, here's one that translates percent complete to a display in a cell or on the status bar like this:

    Progress: ||||||||||||||||||||||||.....'.........'.........'.........'.........'.........'.........'.........' ET: 0:00:10 ETC: 0:00:33 ETT: 0:00:43

    There are options to show percent complete numerically (not shown above), and options to show the elapsed time, estimate to complete, and estimated total time (all shown above).

    Here's the code:

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    A progress meter is supposed to show progress, not impede it, so you don't want to call it a zillion times. So for example,

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    Adjust the divisor so it updates every second or two.

    if you display the progress bar in a cell, I suggest you format with a mono-spaced font like Consolas so it maintains constant width.

    I hope someone finds it useful.
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