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FormulaBeautifyXL Add-in: Parse Excel formulas into a tree for easy editing

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    FormulaBeautifyXL Add-in: Parse Excel formulas into a tree for easy editing

    (I'm Vietnamese - I used Google Translate)

    Today I share with you the Add-in Parse Formulas into Trees for Easy Formula Editing .
    Many of your Excel applications may have very long formulas, when we make formula editing, our eyes see and shape the formula, it is very difficult, so we need a tree part to simplify the work. editing, so I wrote this Add-in to help you simply edit Excel formulas.

    Usage is very simple:

    For example, we have the formula in cell C6 as:
    When double-clicking on cell C6
    The formula will be parsed as shown below, returned right at that formula cell.

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    After pressing Enter or Ctrl+Shift+Enter to execute the formula, if there is a warning as shown below, then type a Space at the beginning of the formula before the "=" sign, to " =" and press Enter or Ctrl +Shift+Enter .

    Name:  alert_8192_chars.jpg
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    Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+C to Allow Formula Analysis to work or pause
    (Default shortcut is Ctrl+Alt+C, you can change it to your desired shortcut, ^ is Ctrl , + is Shift and % is Alt)

    Download the Add-in below and install the Add-in or copy it to the startup XLStart folder of the Excel application.

    The add-in is the first version, so there may be errors, so please consider using it, or you can comment below.
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