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Drawing a Six Pointed Star With a VBA Sub

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    Drawing a Six Pointed Star With a VBA Sub

    I created a button in an .xlsm Excel file to do this. The button run the code below. I can send anyone the spreadsheet. To use it, enter the length of each side of the star in cell E2 and click the button. Make nothing is entered in columns A through D.

    Hope this post helps.

    - Tom

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    Re: Drawing a Six Pointed Star With a VBA Sub

    Welcome to the Forum TomWellington!

    I have moved your thread because you are offering a tip rather than asking a question.

    You can attach your spreadsheet in this thread. See yellow banner at the top of the page. You cannot send attachments to individuals using private messages.

    Moderator's note: Please take the time to review our rules. There aren't many, and they are all important. Rule #2 requires code tags. I have added them for you this time because you are a new member. --6StringJazzer
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