I recently had to rewrite my JoinRange function because Application.Transpose() stopped working on me.

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You can get the same results with a mess of concat cell-formulas, but I've used this function often enough that I find it cleaner to read and quicker to type.

General uses:
+ csv the copy/paste way: add a formula column AA to define the row data =JoinRange(A1:Z1), and a at the bottom of AA add =JoinRange(AA1:AA100,Char(10)&Char(13))
+ multi-indexed vLookups: add a formula column in the data to define the key D1=JoinRange(DataSheet!A1:C1,":"), then lookup by the key =VLOOKUP(JoinRange(TargetSheet!A1:C1,":"),DataSheet!D1:Z100,15,FALSE)

also one nice added benefit of the rewrite is more versatility