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ConcatAll UDF by TigerAvatar

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    Re: ConcatAll UDF by TigerAvatar

    See this...

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    Re: ConcatAll UDF by TigerAvatar

    Thanks guys!

    If i would knew this UDF back in the days...oh man....i had many days of unslept night...
    i have a code that should be doing a concatenation like this, but it looks like your UDF is better.
    the code i got from a VBA fellow from this forum, whom I really thank a lot, as he helped me with my issue.
    I post the code here, for others, if they might need this.

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    Re: ConcatAll UDF by TigerAvatar

    hi, guys, experts and mod thank you for this good and very useful post
    I was enjoying this site very well,
    I had a question before, now again in my mind after seeing this post
    I want to concatenate with multiple criteria like sumifs does

    is it possible????? then please make a udf with multiple criteria.
    This Udf By @tigeravatar
    is working very well with one criteria
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    what about i want add three or more criteria

    btw thank you for udf and hope soon any will help on this

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    Re: ConcatAll UDF by TigerAvatar

    HaroonSid you have been a member long enough to know not to post questions on other members threads. Please start your own thread and reference this 1 if needed
    1. Use code tags for VBA. [code] Your Code [/code] (or use the # button)
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