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Mail Merge problem - Header Title doesn't match data

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    Mail Merge problem - Header Title doesn't match data

    I am trying to create a mail merge document where there is a page split every time an establishment changes with the title of the establishment at the top of each page (this is within the header). I have almost managed to do this using "Mergeseq" and "if" fields, however when I run the final merge document, the establishment header is always one in front of the data and no matter what I try, I cannot get the right establishment on the same page as the data (within the header). If I put the establishment header within the main document, this shows the right information, but repeats for each separate record which isn't what I want...

    Basically, I'd like a list of people from each establishment, with the establishment title at the top of the page and a page break every time the establishment changes showing the same info for each change. Can anyone suggest a work around for this please? I've attached some screen shots. 1 is the mail merge, 2 is the data, and 3 is what I would eventually like the page to look like (with data in it).

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    Re: Mail Merge problem - Header Title doesn't match data

    Your screen-shot showing the field coding looks like it is based on my Microsoft Word Catalogue/Directory Mailmerge Tutorial, available at:
    Because Directory merges don't ordinarily use Section breaks, mergefields in the page header don't work. If you need the content of part of the body content to appear in the page header, format that content with a unique Style name, then use a STYLEREF field in the header to reference that Style.

    There is nothing you can do to achieve the desired outcome with content that does not appear in the document body. Even if you replaced the {QUOTE 12} field with a quoted 'Next Page' section break and unlinked the second section's header from the first, the only header content you'd ever get is that for the group after the one you want the header for...
    Paul Edstein
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