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To copy and paste as I want

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    To copy and paste as I want

    Hello everybody,

    First of all I am very happy that I found place like this forum. Thank you for all of your contribution.

    Long story short - I need to copy this kind of information multiple times (screenshot below):
    Information from screenshot is different but it has only options from 1 to 20. What I mean that it has 20 different texts which can be shown as possible.

    So, once i copy it to the excel it comes out like this (screenshot below):

    And I need it to look like this (screenshot below):

    I need that excel would recognize specific text, for example word strong has to be recognized as number 8. And most important once it is pasted into excel i need all the lines to go to the different columns. What i mean, that Inside shouting would go under IS column and the rating would appear under that specific column.

    Is it hard to make it work like this? I know that people once already made this thing but I have lost contact with these people.

    Even if nobody will help me - Thank you for your time reading. I hope everything will be good in your life.

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    Re: To copy and paste as I want

    Hi and welcome to the forum

    Please upload a workbook or a representative cut down copy, anonymised if necessary. It is always easier to advise if we can see your request in its context. Pictures are rarely much use and no one wants to spend time creating a workbook you already have

    Show a before and after situation with manually calculated results, explaining which information is data and which is results, and if it's not blindingly obvious how you have arrived at your results some explanatory notes as well.

    To upload a file click the Go Advanced button at the foot of your post, look underneath the post area for the Manage Attachments section and take it from there.
    Richard Buttrey

    If any of the responses have helped then please consider rating them by clicking the small star icon below the post.

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    Re: To copy and paste as I want

    What has this to do with Word, which is the forum you've posted in?
    Paul Edstein
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