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Document Signing

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    Document Signing

    Hi there,

    I would like to achieve the following.

    1. Received a document that request you to sign, activate macro
    2. Open the word document in and insert date and particulars manual
    3. Convert the word document into PDF
    4. Insert the digital signature
    5. Document is inserted into the attachment of the email.

    Is there a way to do this?

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    Re: Document Signing

    yes, it is possible. but the question is.....do you want to do it on an automated basis or go through the motions of clicking buttons and/or having the user click buttons to get it done? if you it to be automated, that would take quite a bit of coding.
    -Adam (please don't call me "sir"!)

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    Re: Document Signing

    I've done a similar thing for someone.

    Do you receive the Word file from an external source or you have a template for it?
    In what form is the digital signature? Is it an image file like PNG/JPG?


    If it's a template and the digital signature is an image file it would be simple to add bookmarks to where data must be entered and also to the place where the digital signature must go.

    This is how I think it would work for you, with a user form and considering your document is a template:

    a. You would type "date and particulars" in userform fields and then use a button to insert the data in bookmarks

    b. You would have a button to insert the signature in a desired location, then save file as PDF and attach it to new email.

    - the template is not necessarily saved with the data you entered, the Word document could be closed without saving and data would remain only in PDF


    If it's NOT a template but the digital signature is an image file then you would have to click in the place where you want the signature, then click a button to insert it and then save as PDF and attach it to new email.


    If the digital signature is not an image file or can't be used as one, and it can only be inserted from PDF viewing application, then I don't know how to do it via VBA.
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