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Import multiple excel tables at once.

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    Import multiple excel tables at once.

    Hi. Just wanted to ask a quick question regarding importing excel tables.

    Currently, I have to manually copy paste 80 tables into 80 different pages onto a word document. Is there a way I can copy all the tables at once and paste where each table lands on a different page?

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    Re: Import multiple excel tables at once.

    Hi Kris01. Every time you copy something it replaces what is on the clipboard. I do not know of a way to partition this function. I have had to create documents of this nature in the past. What I did to resolve it was to create an excel document that looks like a Word document page for page and line for line, but it is an Excel document. It can be formatted to look just like a Word document. If the pages are basically identical, create one, then copy it and make all of the adjustments to your tables. That way you can use formulas to update your data without copy/paste, then "convert", print, PDF, or however you present it quickly.


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    Re: Import multiple excel tables at once.

    I think it's possible to paste them to word bookmarks.
    You will need, of course, to make 80 bookmarks in Word for the 80 ranges (tables) in Excel.

    I used bookmark inserting cell values (eg. Range("A1").value) from Excel to Word bookmarks. Haven't done it with ranges (eg Range("A1:C8")), but I'm sure it can be done with the proper references and code in Excel.

    The solution depends on how far you want to go - either take Squeaky's proposition and arrange tables in Excel in such a manner that 1 copy / paste will get them exactly how you want in Word, either get VBA to do it for you and work on a macro to do that.
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