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Embed and retain dynamic Excel features in Word

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    Embed and retain dynamic Excel features in Word

    I have a set of cells in an Excel worksheet that includes 2 drop down lists along with a formula cell that creates a hyperlink based on the selections made in the drop down lists. I want to embed this into a Word document but every insert option I try in Word creates a version of the worksheet that cannot be interacted with i.e the drop down lists do not work and the hyperlink does not work. Does anyone know how to embed an Excel worksheet in Word and maintain its dynamic cell functions? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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    Re: Embed and retain dynamic Excel features in Word

    Dropdowns and hyperlinks in an embedded/linked Excel workbook remain active. You do, of course, have to activate the embedded/linked workbook before you can access the dropdowns/hyperlinks.
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