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Formatting Word table cells

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    Formatting Word table cells

    Hi everyone,

    Is there a way of formatting the cells for Word tables so that I can change the cell number category to percentages?

    thanks in advance for your help,


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    Re: Formatting Word table cells

    Hi Tania,

    In short, no, I don't think there is. As far as I know you cannot add number-formats to Word table cells like you can in Excel.

    But if all you want to do is add a % sign (or anything else) to the end of each cell's contents, here is a macro that will do it for you.

    Sub cells_suffix()

    On Error GoTo errorstop

    t = InputBox("What suffix do you want to add to each cell?", "Add suffix text to cells", "%")
    If t = "" Then Exit Sub

    For Each c In Selection.Tables(1).Range.Cells
    Selection.MoveLeft Count:=1, Extend:=1
    Selection.Collapse wdCollapseEnd
    Selection.TypeText t
    Next c
    Exit Sub

    d = Err.Description
    n = Err.Number
    MsgBox "Error number " & n & " = " & d & vbCr & vbCr _
    & " Was the cursor correctly positioned within a table?"

    End Sub

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