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Word Combobox and Textbox content control

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    Word Combobox and Textbox content control

    Hi guys

    I've had to venture into Word VBA and I have no idea where to start.

    Its probably a simple one so...

    I have a Word document where I need to have a combobox embedded into the text which when selecting a certain name, also changes another textbox or line of text to change the information to match whatever selection was made in the combobox.

    Also information needs to be printed off in the sheet.

    I've had a play but its quite different to Excel which I'm more used to.

    Please help!!


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    Re: Word Combobox and Textbox content control

    You can do this with formfields, linked content controls, or with content controls and VBA. See: http://gregmaxey.mvps.org/word_tip_p...ting_data.html
    Paul Edstein
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