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VBA - Text String Activates Timestamp

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    VBA - Text String Activates Timestamp

    Hello All,

    I am trying to find out whether it is possible for Microsoft Word to automatically & constantly replace a string of text ("new line") anytime it appears with a timestamp.

    More detailed question: I am currently using a software called Dragon Naturally Speaking (dictation software) to collect data in the field. Each data line consists of two unique bands plus a timestamp. Below are 3 sample data lines:

    MRYR MMO, 09:17:30 AM,
    MBR MRYR, 09:17:34 AM,
    MBD MMO, 09:17:39 AM,

    Currently, Dragon runs a macro that replaces "new line" with a ", [timestamp],". For example, we would speak into the microphone, "MRYR MMO new line" for the first line. The macro in dragon is very fickle and slow, making data collection difficult & problematic. The computer recording the data is not in front of us so we don't recognize the problem until we return to the lab.

    I was hoping that instead of using the Dragon macro, I could instead write a script in VBA that could do the following: 1) anytime it saw the text "new line" it would replace it with a timestamp and 2) it would run constantly. Therefore, I would still say into the microphone "MRYR MMO new line" and in word it would briefly appear as "MRYR MMO new line". However, the VBA script would immediately recognize "new line" and replace with it ", [timestamp],".

    This may not make any sense so please ask questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Re: VBA - Text String Activates Timestamp

    What you're asking is impractical, if not impossible. Your macro would most likely never get the chance to intercept whatever Dragon Naturally Speaking is doing to add the timestamp and, once it's running, wouldn't be able to continue doing so and at the same time allow Dragon Naturally Speaking to do its thing.
    Paul Edstein
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