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Copy to & apply style from another document - not all properties depend on style

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    Copy to & apply style from another document - not all properties depend on style

    There is new file template design with some 25+ styles ( call it A file) and 200+ old files that should be redesigned according to new template, lets call them B files.

    I wrote a VBA code to automatically loop and copy styles from new A template to hundreds old B files and replace& redesign old styles with new.

    There seem to be a major problem as some properties in new styles are not applied correctly - some properties obviously depend on document theme. Designer seems to make a mistake and used different themes in old and new documents types. An example are new Header styles that apply wrong font type in old files. OK we solved this with Font Property but this problem drags on most painfully in tables where design is applied with style.

    Is there any workaround?

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    Re: Copy to & apply style from another document - not all properties depend on style

    See: https://www.msofficeforums.com/28497-post34.html
    Paul Edstein
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