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Pull Excel Data into Word Content Controls

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    Pull Excel Data into Word Content Controls


    It seems this has been answered many times but I cannot for the life of me apply the VBA to what I need. It doesn't help that I don't understand VBA much, so please be gentle with any instructions

    Problem: I have an excel file that I extract data to monthly, manipulate the data into tables, pivot tables and graphs, and then write a report "interpreting" the data. The interpreting is mostly just repeating the data in many different forms.

    Solution: I'd like to pull excel data from various sheets into the content controls of my word template, so that it will auto populate my report.

    Variables: There are a different amount of trends to analyze each month. My thought is to pull a max amount, have the rest fill in as blank or N/A or something and just delete the remaining.

    The example excel file has 4 sheets. Sheet 1 is the raw data. Sheet 2 is Where some of the data is pulled from (F2/F3/F5/F6 are all #s I use), and sheet 3 is where the rest of the data is located. For simplicity I could create a Sheet 4 each time that organizes the Sheet 3 more easily. In sheet3/4 I need to get the Trend names (ABC/CDE, etc) and the values. The Grand Total Value can be pulled but it will likely not be utilized as the same number is found in sheet 2 and seems more likely to be easily used.

    The example word template has some content controls not pulled from the excel file, and some that should be. Total, Trends, Open/Closed and their related content controls are where the excel file data needs to be pulled to

    Sheet 2, F3 => Total
    Sheet 3 or 4 => Each Row = Trend label and Trend #
    Sheet 2, F5 and F6 => Open/Closed

    Feel free to ask any questions. I hope I covered the gist of it. Thank you in advanced!


    I tried mail merge and it doesn't truly do what I want. Even if I get all the data to display on the same page, part of the issue is the variability.

    I also tried the following code with very little luck (uploaded document does not have "Range" set)

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