Hi people,
I have to resort to the forum after digging into the internet but in vain. I hope somebody could help me with this tricky problem.
Now I have two tables in MSword. Rows of table 1 contain names of people going to attend a meeting, when somebody is absent, the corresponding row is selected and a button is pressed. That name is copied to table 2 and the row is deleted in table 1. Now all this works fine when one person is absent or say one row is selected at a time. But if two or more people are absent and corresponding rows are selected(to save time, instead of selecting one row at a time) the codes dont work.
The code that i incorporated is
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but they return the row number when only one row is selected at a time. I would like to have a code that goes through every row of the table and returns the indexes of selected rows.
Any help would be appreciated.