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Access Error message trying to access 'Performance' db

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    Access Error message trying to access 'Performance' db

    Hello everyone
    I am not new to the forum but more new to Access side of the forum
    I have a problem with accessing a database called "performance' when I try to open it under the 'Admin' section to see what the problem could be.
    I also have a report section that others use to retrieve agent details for that performance and that opens up fine but the data updated only till July 21st, 2017. Nothing from now till then displays.
    I assume the 2 problems are related to each other and since the parties at work know I work with Office more than some they asked me to see if I can find the problem. Even though I don't know much about Access I have always been one to want to help others even if I don't know much about what/where the problem is but I look at it as an opportunity to learn.
    When opening the 'Performance' on the Master under Admin it gives me an error message and then when I click ok I gain access to everything.
    Can anyone help an Access rookie out with this problem, and where I may find the problem and or solution? Please remember I am a novice user for Access and you may have to include step by step instructions to help out.\
    The error message I receive is: Syntax error in date in query expression 'CallDate=## And EmployeeNum=".

    So once I get in I located the 'ProductivityQ' and attempted to load it and I get an error message 'The expression you entered as a query parameter produced this error: Microsoft Access cannot find the referenced form 'ReportCard'
    Is there a way I can just repair these so it works?

    My deepest apologies if this is not the correct are to submit my inquiry for assistance

    thank you

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    Re: Access Error message trying to access 'Performance' db

    The first step to trying to solve the issue is to show us the code for which you are receiving an error and when you receive the error, click on debug and tell us which line of code is highlighted. That is the starting point but will not necessarily give us all the information we may need. You may need to share the db for a full analysis to determine the causation. Also, make a copy of the db and then do a compact and repair and see if that solves any of your issues. Keep the copy aside as insurance. Good luck.

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