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Chart/ pivot table issue

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    Chart/ pivot table issue

    I am trying to create a visual of how many items are processed per day per person. every times i try to chart with or with out pivots it either does not work or only grabs part of the data. any suggestions?

    end result. each person will have there own chart on what they sold and how many.

    i am new to pivots and graphs

    data to work with:

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    Re: Chart/ pivot table issue

    Hi Airedale360,

    The problem appears to be the way your data is structured!

    The Processor column needs a Helper Column - the Total column is really irrelevant for the Pivot Table.

    Assuming column A is empty, use this formula: =IF(B2="",A1,B2) and copy down (assuming you start with row 2). This will ensure that you do
    not have blanks for Sally, Jane Joe and Tony. Name this column whatever you like, but use THIS column in your Pivot Table instead of the Processor column.

    This should solve your problem.

    I hope this helps, please let me know!



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