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Pivot Filter Top 10 using total stacked value

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    Question Pivot Filter Top 10 using total stacked value


    I have tried searching for an answer to this but unable to find anything for what seems to me a simple task.

    I have a pivot table.

    I have a stacked pivot chart attached to it.

    I want to filter/display the Top X# items on the chart.

    I want to do this filter on the TOTAL sum of the values that are stacked together, not an individual value within the stack.

    I can add a total value too in order to do the filter, but that ruins my stacked chart visually as it becomes essentially 100% larger.

    I can manually delete the series, but it reappears, even when copy and pasting elsewhere.

    I feel dumb having to ask but I hope someone can aid me here.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Pivot Filter Top 10 using total stacked value

    Administrative Note:

    Hi and welcome
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    So, please update your profile to something more precise then "Home" ( country will suffice, no need to be more precise).
    Thank you for helping us to help you

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