Hi all,
I am using Excel 2002 to plot XY scatter plots of the following:
My data:
ID DateTime Value
1 9/30/2004 15:35:00 10
1 9/30/2004 15:40:00 20
2 9/30/2004 15:35:00 8
2 9/30/2004 15:38:00 5
2 9/30/2004 15:40:00 20

I want to plot DateTime (X) vs Value (Y) for each series of IDs (i.e. there will be a series for ID 1, another for ID 2, etc). The DateTime column is formatted as "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss"

I am seeing 2 problems:
1. The X-axis is always plotted as value, and I cannot change it to time scale - the option in chart options->axis is unavailable. Is there any way to do this?

2. This is probably happening because of (1) and because my DateTime values can be different for each series (e.g. 15:38:00 does not have an entry for ID 1) - but I see that Excel shows several DateTime values on the X-axis, and these are intermediate to the ones I specified as X-axis data
e.g. I see 9/30/2004 15:34:34, 9/30/2004 15:36:00, 9/30/2004 15:37:26. etc
but not the exact date-time values I supply.

Any thoughts? I am totally new to Excel, and (lucky me!) I have to do this via VBA too But first things first - can Excel even do what I need to?

Thanks so much for all your help!