I've some problems to count unique items (Invoice #) in a pivot table. There
is the default solution "Add-a-new-calculated-column" as mentioned on
http://contextures.com/xlPivot07.html#Unique, but in my case, it doesn't

My problem is, that these values aren't in a Excel worksheet; it's a
external data source - a SQL-Select via DAO/ADO. Because of that, I don't
have the possibility to add a new column. Another reason is, that the pivot
table should always be dynamic: Group over this field, group over another
field - and always show the number of unique invoices, not the sum of data
rows (please take a look at the attached Excel sheet).

Thx, Thomas

(or is there an easy way to write an User Definied Function and access to
the data rows in each pivot table group?)