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Bar chart creation

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    Bar chart creation

    Hi, I am assuming this is a very basic and often used chart. But I am unable to figure it out so hopefully somebody can help.

    I want to create a progress bar chart for a software developing project that has many tasks and I want to show in 2 shads per bar 1. how many days have been worked on the task and 2. how many days are left on the task.

    I would like then to on the left horizontal axis show the task names and then on top or bottom show months with the horizontal bars in the meat of the graph per task.

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    Re: Bar chart creation

    You need to create a gantt chart.
    Normally this is 2 stacked bar series. 1st series is the start date, second series is the duration.

    If you want completion you will need to use a 3rd series and calculate differences between total duration and completed.

    try search forum for gantt

    post example workbook if confused.

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