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Select a Student and Produce a Radar Chart

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    Select a Student and Produce a Radar Chart

    I have a list of 1000 students with 9 columns of data.

    because I know how to use excel I can select one student and produce a lovely radar graph of that data for that student.

    But can anyone suggest the easist way to setup the excel 2007 workbook, so any member of staff could open the file,
    select a student and the graph for that student would appear?

    With the sheet open I can select the chart and move the grean and blue cell highlights to change the chart data,
    but how could I do this for an Excel Novice.

    Thank you for any suggestions.

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    Re: Select a Student and Produce a Radar Chart

    Simplest way is to create the data for the chart using formula references to the selected student. The chart itself will always be based on the same range.

    You can use INDEX and MATCH formula to locate and display the required student.

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