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Pivot table function adding spaces in cells

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    Pivot table function adding spaces in cells

    I owe a document to the CEO, today. I am creating a pivot table with sizes,types and quantities of bolts. There are repititious sizes and the pivot table will allow me to consolidate.
    When I "Insert" pivot table it is for some reason putting a space in front of some of the sizes, so when I filter, it shows the same category twice, because one of the sizes has this space and is recognized as different.

    So, I went to the original table and made certain all spaces were gone in front of all cells. I tried again, and I now know that the spaces are being added by the program, or at least it appears that way.

    I need this data consolidated. notice the 2"1/4 and A325 alignment, below. All of this size should be 1 line item

    7/8" 194 100 204 192 328 22
    DIA 194 192 22
    *A325 194 22
    *2"1/4 194 22
    *A325* 192
    2"1/4 192
    DIA* 100 204 328
    A325 100 204 328
    *2"1/4 100 204 328

    Should be (or similar):
    7"8 100 204 192 328 22
    DIA 100 204 192 328 22
    A325 100 204 192 328 22
    2"1/4 194 100 204 192 328 22

    Well, ok, the preview does not look like it should but the asteriks represent the additional spaces that I am not putting in.
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    Re: Pivot table function adding spaces in cells

    PT don't usually add spaces.
    Are you sure the original data is clean and does not contain the spaces. You can quickly check by using Filter and then checking the entries in the dropdown list. Or use a copy of the data and Remove duplicates.

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