I have a spreadsheet with multiple columns/fields containing dates; some entries will be blank. Is it possible to use a single Pivot Table to show the activity (in terms of a count of entries with dates in them) in a given month for each of the fields? I've attached a file showing the kind of data I'm working with, as well as the desired result. I use Excel 2013, so I'd like to use the new Timeline feature, but it doesn't necessarily have to be done with that feature - so far, I can only get it to work with one date field in particular, and not all of the date fields in general.

I can do pivot tables that filter just one date field, e.g. the Interviews conducted in February - but this zeroes out the other fields if there were no interviews conducted in February. I can also achieve the desired result using formulas (i.e. not using pivot tables), so no need to counter with that option; I'm just curious if it can be done solely with pivots and no formulas; and if so how?

Thanks in advance!

Data Agnostic Timeline.xlsx