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Needing Assistance with a Nested Vlookup Statement

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    Needing Assistance with a Nested Vlookup Statement

    Long time user of this forum, but first time poster.

    I need a nested formula (assuming vlookup + something) to populate an existing value (aging) from my table array if that value also meets certain criteria (in this case a particular month).

    1. On my detail worksheet I have account data (account number is Lookup Value) for an entire year (thousands of rows / tens of columns). The account number could be listed up to 12 times, but each entry is tied to a specific month. All monthly values are listed in a single column (column index number 11 in this example).

    2. On my summary worksheet I have each account number (Lookup Value) listed only once with a column for each month.

    My lookup values are in the first columns on both the detail and summary worksheets. The aging value and monthly value are in columns 11 and 18 respectively on my detail worksheet. The individual months go from column 2 to column 13 on my summary tab.

    I have tested various scenarios, without success, so your suggestions are welcome.


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    Re: Needing Assistance with a Nested Vlookup Statement

    Welcome to the Forum.

    If you have been browsing for a while you will have seen many requests for sample workbooks, and I think this applies in your case also.


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