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Fuel Consumption

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    Fuel Consumption

    Hi. I am not very experienced in excel and would like some help in calculating fuel consumption for an aircraft. I have created a graph in logger pro that creates an "Nth inverse" function based on data points I have found. I have the equation for the line which is: y=-13870000000000/x^2+14230. My question is could I make this a function in excel. I would like to be able to put in how much fuel is being carried and have excel put out how much time I would be able to run on that fuel due to the weight of the aircraft decreasing. Again I am pretty inexperienced with excel and I hope this question doesn't sound dumb. Also, this calculation is for Microsoft Flight Simulator so my life will not actually be depending on these numbers.


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    Re: Fuel Consumption

    sounds like if you write in A1 your fuel amount then in B1 formula:
    shall return the expected time
    Be sure not to input 0 in A1 because you will get into #div/0 error
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