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Using COUNTIF to Conditionally Format Cells

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    Using COUNTIF to Conditionally Format Cells

    I am attempting to create a staffing calendar that will use conditional formatting to alert the coordinator by highlighting the cell when certain thresholds are reached.

    The spreadsheet has three tabs, with 'Master' being the final copy.

    In the 'Magic' tab, I was able to get it work with a rolling count but I am having trouble recreating it when the count is stationary and not updating itself line by line aside the person's name.

    What I'm preferrably looking to have happen is for the 'Name' to light up when it appears more than 3 times in a week in the Day fields, more than 1 time a week in the O/C field and more than 7 times a month in the Night field.

    Any and all help would be truly appreciated!
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    Re: Using COUNTIF to Conditionally Format Cells

    Your attached sheet data is not updated per your requirement and you have not mentioned in which sheet and cell you want formatting.


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    Re: Using COUNTIF to Conditionally Format Cells

    Hi ,

    Could u provide a before and after sheet for better understanding.

    I have made some changes in magic sheet .

    Use this condition



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