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I'm working on a VBA function that takes some information from one excel and post it in a new one(that will be used to be send to another user).

The function that i have made now is very simple and i'm not really happy about it. What is does is that it opens the old "print to send" file and deletes the old information. Then it goes back to the excel file with the information and copy the part needed. Then it opens "print to send" again and insert what i have just copied. So as you can hear it takes alot of steps and is not very clean.

The code it made:

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I'm not sure what is possible. The best way will proberly be that it will create a new excel file with the information needed and name that excel "Print to send - *Current Date*".
If that is not possible, is there then a cleaner way to do what i have already done?

I really hope you can help me

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