I currently have a worksheet that places an "X" in a cell across columns based on a frequency of weeks, so if the job is forecast to be two weekly then a X is placed every two weeks. This works.
I am now trying to change this for some so that it calculates based on tonnes that is able to be changed depending on how many tonnes are forecast.

1. When frequency works on weeks a "X" is placed in the cell across the columns. Column "I" is the frequency weeks

2. Trying to get a "X" placed in a cell when based on tonnes in rows 19 & 20. Column "J" is the column for tonnes.

3. Has to use the budget tonnes "AK23" as a rule, so calculates the amount of tonnes per week against budget tonnes and places a "X" in cell across rows. This counts down across columns based on budget tonnes entered.
So based on cell "J3" 75000 tonnes equals 1 week. Now I am budgeting the first month July-15 is going to be 180000 tonnes, because this is lower then originally forecast I want the 2 weekly check to extend further. The budget tonnes would have to keep adding across line 23 as the months go by.

Thanks for any help