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Formula for getting unique values from two dependent rows

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    Question Formula for getting unique values from two dependent rows


    I have been searching for this and cannot find a solution if anybody can help.

    So I have two columns "usernames" and "products". The list shows specific transactions, meaning user and product paid by him or her. So there are duplicate values in both columns since each user paid multiple products for the specific time period. (I have 12,000 unique users, 350 products and about 200,000 transactions).

    I need to get a largest to smallest list of users by paid unique products, meaning I need to return unique values from the products column for each user.

    The only way I came up with so far is to filter for each individual user and then use remove duplicates for the products column, which is impossible to do 12,000 times.

    Can anybody help?

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    Re: Formula for getting unique values from two dependent rows

    You could use a helper column with a COUNTIF formula to identify where a name first occurs (and give this a unique ID), and then you can use an INDEX/MATCH formula to extract the names against those numbers.

    I can't give you an exact formula to use, however, as you have not said which columns you use for "usernames". Please describe the layout of your sheet in a bit more detail.

    Hope this helps.


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