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Extracting Only Non-Blanks

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    Extracting Only Non-Blanks

    Hello all,

    I am searching for a formula that will only extract the non-blank cells within a column. I would like to extract the non-blanks in column X and place them in column Y as below. An example of my data is below

    X Y
    - 1234
    - 1235
    1234 1236
    1235 1237
    1236 1238
    - ...

    If there is not a formula but an easier way that would be great too. Thank you for your help.
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    Re: Extracting Only Non-Blanks

    will you define non blanks? Are you looking for cells that contain values? What if there is a formula but the cell shows no values? Are you asking for non-null values. Please clarify. You might be better served if you upload a sample worksheet with before and after scenarios to make sure we understand what you mean by non-blank

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    Re: Extracting Only Non-Blanks

    Sure you can do this with a formula but here's a simpler way:

    Copy and paste column X into column Y > with column Y selected go to Find & Select > Go To Special > Blanks > OK

    Now right-click on any of the selected cells > Delete > Shift cells up

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