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Average Calculation that can Determine which Month it Is

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    Average Calculation that can Determine which Month it Is

    Hey Team,

    I have a question regarding a calculation to find an average. I need a formula that takes the average of a range that only averages what has been recorded to date. I have several sum calculations for upcoming months (row 5 that sums rows 6-9) that I do not want to be considered for this average until that month has passed and I have the sales data for it. Currently these 0's for Jan-Jun are factoring into my average in cell O5 (yellow). I want this formula to know to only calculate the average based on the current date and previous months. In other words, it is Jan-19 now, and I want my formula to calculate an average that includes values from Jul-18 through Dec-18 and not include values from Jan-19 through Jun-19. I also want this formula to be able to recognize when it turns from January to February to now take the average of Jul-18 through Jan-19. This calculation really only applies to row 5 as I can simple average calculation for the other rows. I realize that I could do this same average function and update month to month as well as delete and reenter the sums in row 5 as the months progress, but I would prefer to have a formula that can just do it all for me.


    Thanks for your help,

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    Re: Average Calculation that can Determine which Month it Is

    Welcome to the Forum bill_dozer! My son is at VCU, nice town you have there.

    You want to use AVERAGEIF, if you have Excel 2007 or later (the version in your profile says "32-bit" but that's not what we're looking for when we ask for version).


    This will average values for months earlier than the current month. This assumes that the values in row 2 are real dates, not text.

    If this doesn't work please attach your file. The paper clip icon does not work for attachments. To attach a file, under the text box where you type your reply click the Go Advanced button. On the next screen scroll down and click on Manage Attachments, which will show a pop-up window to Select and Upload a file. Then close the window.

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