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Sumif contains text from list

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    Question Sumif contains text from list

    So, if you look at the example sheet I've attached, you'll see my issue in the "amount" column on the Totals Table.
    I'm using this formula =ABS(SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(Table2[Description],Loan,Table2[Amount]))) to sum the total amount based on criteria from a list (List Tables section)
    What I want to do is instead of typing in the list on each line individually, I want to be able to just reference the text in the description column, but have it use the actual list of the same name, for example I want to be able to use this formula and get the same result =ABS(SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(Table2[Description],[@Description],Table2[Amount]))) So the description column on the Totals Table (example Loan) will not just be the text "Loan" it will be the actual list labeled "Loan"
    IS this possible? Did I explain myself correctly (kind of a tough 1 to explain)
    I also placed a screenshot of the name manager just for better clarification
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    Re: Sumif contains text from list

    You can use INDIRECT, e.g. INDIRECT([@Description]) , which will cast the literal string into a Range reference

    however, be warned, the SUMPRODUCT becomes Volatile as a result, so keep an eye on performance

    above assumes that the source ranges will be located in the same workbook as the INDIRECT calc, if not the file containing the source range(s) will need to be open at the point of calculation.
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