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Index Match both ID and next highest date between two spreadsheets

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    Index Match both ID and next highest date between two spreadsheets

    I could use some help, I use VLOOKUP all the time to take two reports from our system to find matches. But, this problem is a little different. I have the following spreadsheets:

    Spreadsheet 1: each client ID will have one one row associated with it - this is their date of discharge from another facility. Columns in bold.



    Spreadsheet 2 - This spreadsheet could have thousands of rows with multiple dates of services occuring
    CLIENT ID (will match spreadsheet 1)


    These are the only columns that really matter. I want to find the first service the client had after their date of discharge from the other facility. I don't care about the dates prior. And I don't care about subsequent dates. They could show up many times but I want the one just after the discharge date. I am fine with N/As, this is quick and dirty to feed something else. I couldn't figure out to make VLOOKUP work for this.

    Can anyone help? I tried INDEX MATCH and it was a failure. We're so busy as a healthcare facility I can't afford to put much more time to this. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Re: Index Match both ID and next highest date between two spreadsheets

    Client IDs in column A starting in row 2 in both worksheets
    Discharge dates in Sheet1 column B and
    Service dates in a single row for each client, starting at Sheet2 column B,

    Try this formula in Sheet1 row 2 any column:
    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    You may have to array enter (Ctrl+Shift+Enter) in your Excel version. Then copy down.

    The OFFSET function is set to select a range with 100 columns (you can adjust it accordingly) starting at column B and one row, the one that matches Client ID in sheet2.

    Please run some test and let us know how it goes.

    Good luck!

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