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    I had posted it about 10 days ago in other forum also
    I am trying to formulate a way so that increasing/decreasing level in a reservoir can be known before hand so controlled flow can be assures.

    PRACTICAL: The issue is that when the levels in the upper reservoir is too much it is released in the lower reservoir , now normally it is happening that this release is sometimes more than the capacity the lower reservoir can hold(and the structure is endangered).
    The solution I am trying: to monitor level of the reservoir so that difference(range between the opening and closing) is spotted.
    when the extra level is released from upper reservoir, a step-by-step movement has to be done so that immense flow does not come to lower reservoir which it can handle. So am trying to monitor (daily levels are updated every 4 hours , so 6 in a day). And similar step-by step can be released further.

    And the SECOND case is that if the increasing levels is spotted in above feeder, lower feeder levels decreased preemptively to make way for the incoming future flow.
    OB-Overflow build up is spotted only after 3rd reading as it is normal that levels increase or decrease in normal flow. but 3rd consequence of it do trigger the situation. OB#, OB$, OB5, OB6 do mention that and when the OVERFLOW BUILDUP is released to lower reservoirs, it is flagged by OR

    ORA is flagging of abnormal levels seen(in lower reservoirs) if only one or two reading is too much fluctuating (due to OR from upper reservoir)

    Zohar Batterywala
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    Re: range

    Administrative Note:

    Welcome to the forum.

    We would very much like to help you with your query, however the thread title does not really convey what your request is about. Tell us what you are trying to do, not how you think it should be done.

    Please take a moment to amend your thread title. Make sure that the title properly explains your request. Your title should be explicit and not be generic (this includes function names used without an indication of what you are trying to achieve).

    Please see Forum Rule #1 about proper thread titles and adjust accordingly. To edit the thread title, open the original post to edit and then click on Go Advanced (bottom right) to access the area where you can edit your title.

    (Note: this change is not optional. No help to be offered until this moderation request has been fulfilled.)
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    Re: range

    Respected Sir,
    I am trying to find if the levels(previous levels are in a particular range or not, so that knowing that we can take some corrective measures)
    and that is the reason , I thought "range" should be appropriate. Will try to make the thread title explain my request more precisely.
    Sir, I am looking for the concept as this will not be exacting implemented and after doing required changes has to insert at 8 places in about tables of 14 data sheet (reservoirs).
    Please help me. PLEASE. (I had tried myself but though it looked good but was not giving me the exact results-like was found Partially effective on 3-4 days results but conditions meet in 5-6 daya are ignored. the problem of that is say it is a matter of 500+ cusec which get reported as 300 or 400 cusecs and due to that less severe actions are taken in downline reservoirs which ultimately can/had proved to be disastrous. This water if counted correctly can be stored better for irrigation of next crop)
    Zohar Batterywala

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    Re: range

    One-word titles are NEVER detailed enough. Do as you have been asked and improve this one. You really should know better.

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