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Checkmarks overwritten by formula

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    Checkmarks overwritten by formula

    Hi there,

    I have arranged a table with a query, which pulls data from files in a certain folder. The folder is being updated regularly. Whenever I start the macro "Run Query", new file content is being added to the table.

    Columns H and I contain formulas, which will check, if the referenced task needs to be done or not (empty cell or "N/A"), and I also have set up data validation with a checkmark option (conditional formatting).

    Unfortunately, if I'm running a new query, which scans the folder again, the checkmarks, which have already been set, but now overwritten by the formulas, are gone.

    How to overcome this in some way (without changing the query source!), so that I can keep the checkmarks, and only new rows/file content will be added to the table?

    Attached you will find my example file.

    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards,
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