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Lottery Payment Tracker

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    Lottery Payment Tracker

    Hi Excel gurus,
    I'm having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around how to set up this spreadsheet. I want to track group lottery payments. I have 16 people in my pool - when someone pays me, they usually pay for at least a month in advance. I want to be able to add their payments as they come in and have the new balance reflected (this I can do) but then I want to be able to include all 16 ppl in the pool and have the lotto purchase deduct the money from their balance. I want to be able to run a pivot chart or see in one shot how much everyone's balance is as I include these details in the email I send. Here's what's making this less complicated - all 16 people are in every single draw, regardless of balance. I spot them and they pay me back. And lotto always costs the same - $5/week. This seems easy in theory but I can't figure it out. Can anyone help?

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    Re: Lottery Payment Tracker

    Dont you even have a mock up?
    Look at the yellow banner at the top of the page and upload a sample file.

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